goSPATZ Changelog

Spatz Release 1.1.83 (05.07.2024)


  • Switch data sources for XFRA, XETR, XLON to new data provider
  • Replace ticker bulk import
  • Allow importing of compressed archives (zip files)
  • Optimize importer to support multifiles CSV import (multiple CSV file in one physical file) f.e. used by Captrader & IB
  • Add tax/costs currency to import dialog


  • Clean up legacy code
  • Use new instrument_ticker for assignement in aggregations message handler
  • Use new tickers table for matching stock splits
  • Handle instrument Updates from exchanges
  • Fix a bug with missing bonds in allocation charts
  • Translate “Loading..:“ messages to german
  • Improved PDF import for:
    • Consors
    • Scalable
    • Comdirect
    • DKB
    • Morgenfund
    • Consorsbank
    • Erste Bank
    • JustTrade
    • Smartbroker
    • Trading 212
    • Bader Bank
    • Haspa
    • VR Bank
    • Traderepublic
    • Onvista
    • BAWAK
    • Flatex
    • VR Bank
    • Kieler Volksbank
    • DAB
    • Onvista

Spatz Release 1.1.82 (06.05.2024)


  • Full IB/Captrader support
  • Zip support for uploading files
  • Added about 100 new PDF formats to importer

Spatz Release 1.1.81 (16.04.2024)


  • Optimize suggest search performance by separating search result response from price response
  • Improved chart performance by using binary search for pricemaps
  • improved calculation performance by optimizing several calculation methods and removed unused leftover calculations

Fixed bugs:

  • Resolved an issue where one was unable to set taxes value to zero
  • Resolved an issue with histogram data of individual assets

Spatz Release 1.1.80 (13.04.2024)


  • Added more columns to available columns (ISIN, WKN, Symbol, Land, Typ, Freie Notizen)
  • Added Kursgewinn Max / Kursgewinn Max % to available columns
  • Renamed/Shortened some columns and adjusted column widths

Fixed bugs:

  • Resolved an issue where the graph was occasionally not visible in the chart

Spatz Release 1.1.79 (07.04.2024)


  • Individual Assets
  • Transform dividends to cashflow
  • Column configuration (enable/disable columns move columns via drag&drop)
  • Optimized delineation of costs between inventory and realized
  • Extend selectable time periods (10y, 20y)

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix skeleton loader for some cases
  • Fix datepicker year selection
  • Clean up UI code

Spatz Release 1.1.78 (21.03.2024)

Fixed bugs:

  • Show error message when trying to save a transaction with 0 EUR costs or 0 EUR taxes
  • Show error message when trying to save a position and the API returns an error
  • Fix error when inline editing the date of a transcation
  • Display portfolio logo in portfolio-allocation charts
  • Prevent LastPass from adding icons to the search bar
  • Fixed error when clicking the PLUS button on a 404 page
  • Show charts even though there is only 1 datapoint

Spatz Release 1.1.77 (10.03.2024)


  • Full support for precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Zinc, Copper)
  • Sort and priorize market identifier codes in MIC select box
  • Adjust look and feel of benchmarks in charts
  • Improve chart rendering performance

Fixed bugs:

  • Handle exeception in calculation if a stock items comes with no quotes at all
  • Disable absolute charts when adding benchmarks
  • Link details page from chart benchmark overview
  • Fix bug in small viewports with loading indicator in stock tables
  • Reloading the KPI should trigger chart reload and vice versa to keep both KPI in sync
  • Rtrim/trim spaces in date picker columns

Spatz Release 1.1.76 (03.03.2024)


  • Added consistency checker for all portfolios
  • Adjusted portfolio charts to strip leading periods without transactions
  • Modified ROI/HPI to use invested capital instead of period start value
  • Added capabilities to change portfolio currency in portfolio tab
  • Created a new PDF importer for CoinTracking broker
  • Created a new PDF importer for Nextmarket broker
  • Switch all calculations to use 3 datapoints only instead of 500 when not in chart mode (and no histogram is required)
  • Ask if purchase price should be update when updating transaction date

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed KPI inconsistencies and
  • Fixed rendering of bonds in inline transactions table
  • Repositioned delete comparison button in charts
  • Added missing slugs for some crypto currencies
  • Fixed details page if the item is delisted
  • Added circle around company logos on hover
  • Fixed tooltip for allocations
  • Optimize loading performance for PERFORMANCE tab
  • Fixed displaying issue after renaming a portfolio
  • Hide SUBSCRIBE button after subscribing a public portfolio
  • Fixed comma error in qty input fields
  • Refresh portfolio table after reactivating an archived portfolio
  • Fixed redirection after deleting an archived portfolio
  • Fixed link structure in performance tab
  • Hide options column in shared portfolio transactions tab
  • Reload portfolios when clicking on already open portfolio tab
  • Update subtabs of destination portfolio when moving a position to a different portfolio
  • Fixed bug in Onvista Reader
  • Fixed bug in Consors Reader
  • Fixed bug in 1922 Reader
  • Shorten qty and price column
  • Show negative value sin red in allocation table and popup
  • Update name in performance tab after renaming a position item
  • Leave most of the columns empty when qty = 0 (watchlist item)
  • Fixed broken allocation popups on small viewports

Spatz Release 1.1.75 (24.02.2024)


  • Added more KPI to chart
  • Improve overall response times
  • Improve response time of performance-tab
  • Changed dashboard → performance to show HPI instead of NAV change
  • Added links to subtabs to make browser-back-button work
  • Add currency selector in dashboard → portfolio table
  • Add circle/hover to company logos
  • Move PLUS button (for adding portfolios) to the left
  • Rename “1T” to “HEUTE”
  • Filter dividends table by selected time period

Fixed bugs:

  • Update portfolio name in dashboard-performance tab when renaming a portfolio
  • Fixed some minor issues in KPI calculation engine
  • Fixed bonds totals in inline-transactions table
  • Fixed position of delete button in comparison charts
  • Fixed PDF importer: Morgenfund
  • Prevent lastpass from adding icons to the searchbar
  • After renaming a portfolio, the renamed portfolio and the dashboard tabs are highlighted together
  • After deleting a archived portfolio, I got redirected to the dashboard chart tab
  • Options column in shared portfolios is visible in transaction tab
  • Fixed “no items” message in realized tab
  • Fixed “no dividends” message in dividends tab
  • Shorten names in HPI popup to avoid line breaks
  • Value popup: Show negative values in red

Spatz Release 1.1.74 (29.01.2024)

New features

  • Completely rewritten the KPI calculation engine
  • Introduced new PDF library for importing all kind of PDF data (including encrypted files)
  • Added several readers for PDF types (1822, Commerzbank, DKB, Swissquote, ING Diba, Consors, Scalable, Bitpanda, GLS, Bawak, Comdirect, DeGiro, Trade Republic, finanze.nnet, Onvista)
  • Added ignorable files to importer to avoid getting errors when uploading not relevant documents
  • Added new KPI to all data tables
  • Make data tables dependent on selected timeframe
  • Added tooltips with explanations of calculated KPI
  • Added finAPI capabilities to import multiple accounts from the same bank to different spatz portfolios
  • Added news for crypto currencies on details page
  • Added skeleton loading indicators where they were missing
  • Added sums below all data tables
  • Avoid expensive „portfolios“ call for ui widgets which do only need a limited set of portfolio attributes
  • Made the timeframe selector sticky
  • Added “Systemnachrichten”
  • Wrapped all relevant links in A tags to allow opening items in a new tab using right click
  • Added validation to feedback form
  • Full support for bonds (with relative prices)
  • Added e2e tests for the complete UI
  • Added mass delete for dividends
  • Persist selected year in dividends tab in local storage
  • Currency selector: priorize often used currencies

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed inaccuracies in crypto prices
  • Fixed several CSV imports
  • Fixed bug in allocation pie charts
  • Consecutive position requests must terminate previous position requests
  • Fixed: adjustedClose is not recalculated when a future stocksplit reaches today
  • Fixed: Expired finAPI Web Forms keep being presented to the user
  • Fixed bug with reverse splits
  • Remove click event from empty transactions row
  • Remove hover/pointer from dashboard performances
  • Values not refreshing when changing currency in buy dialog
  • Verkaufswert and Verkaufskurs changes currency symbol to portfolio currency
  • Dividend tab is shown in empty portfolio until clicking on it
  • Fixed BUSD/USDT forex rates
  • Changing portfolio currency is not triggering refresh
  • Create portfolio button not working on feedback page
  • Optimize currency select dialog
  • Some dialogs are not confirmable with Enter key
  • Sometimes account delete fails

Spatz Release 1.1.71 (22.10.2023)

New features:

  • Portfolio positions can be renamed now
  • Add infos about current stocks to stock details page
  • Add Sell/Buy buttons to stock details page
  • Redesign create/edit transaction dialog window
  • Enhancing Asset Management in the „Bestand“ Tab for Improved User Experience
  • Display „Transaktionen“ Table in the „Bestand“ Tab When Clicking on „Stück“
  • Enable inline-editing of currency on bestands table
  • Show a success message indicating that the position has been added to the portfolio
  • Add video to landingpage and to signup page
  • Add help videos to create-portfolio dialog
  • Integrate helpcenter with help videos
  • Refactor dividends overview
  • Full support for bonds now, added 50.000 bonds to database, allow relative quotes in percent, add additional KPI to details page (Coupon, Stückelung, Ausgabedatum, Laufzeit)
  • Did a full update of all instruments with followup updates nightly (instrument types, coupons, etc)
  • Add copy icon to ISIN/WKN on details page
  • Update OAuth Buttons to New Design
  • Add skeleton loader for details page
  • Add skeleton loader for asset allocation page
  • Add Create-Portfolio button to details page
  • Refactor/Redesign “Move position to target portfolio”

New features mobile app:

  • News section

Fixed bugs:

  • Bestands-Table is loaded twice
  • Three dots missing if name is cut in transactions list
  • Long names in search results are cut and there is no hover
  • Name column in realized tab is cut too early
  • Reduce width of MIC column and increase width of name column in transactions tab
  • Fix wrong column alignment for import transactions
  • Errormessage after login with wrong credentials is not hiding after 10 seconds
  • Fixed a bug in move-position when a similar position already exists in target portfolio
  • Currency logos are distorted
  • Company logo in bestands table was not clickable
  • Fixed instrument type placeholder for bonds
  • Add instrument type fallback logos to search results
  • Book dividends failes when name of share is too long
  • Importer:
    • Flatex reader mixes up ISINS for multi transactions documents
    • Optimize Importer for: Consorsbank, Finanzen.net, ING Diba, Justtrade, Onvista, Scalable, Targobank, Parqet, DKB, Smartbroker, Comdirect, Cortalconsors, Divvy, Bison, VR Bank
    • Create new reader for: Vanguard

Spatz Release 1.1.70 (10.09.2023)

New Features:

  • Publish goSpatz Companion App for IOS and Android
  • Spatz now provides automatic Broker synchronization via FinAPI (= Live Portfolios)
  • Spatz provides payment support for premium features with 14 days trial with customer portal and invoices
  • Redesigned portfolio-creation dialog to improve user experience
  • Add info popup for HPI with detailed information and calculation base
  • Highlight the „Total“ row in the „Bestand“ and „Realisiert“ tab
  • Change the placeholder text in the searchbar of the „Bestand“ tab
  • Load stock performance in realtime

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed wrong KPI date in totals bar
  • SEO improvements
  • Exchange logo shows only placeholders in transactions table
  • Share logo missing in transactions table
  • Edit line should not cover logo column
  • Stock exchange logo is not aligned in transactions table on bestand tab
  • Company logo is not aligned in transaktionen anlegen modal
  • Create logo for own portfolio in comparison chart
  • Swap „Type“ Column with „Date“ Column in the Realized Table
  • Logo missing in allocation -> constituents
  • Exchange logo missing in tansactions -> handelsplatz
  • Show instrument type dependent fallback image
  • import: Add validation for empty purchase price to transactions validator
  • When deleting a portfolio the tab does not disappear

Spatz Release 1.1.68 (12.07.2023)

  • Calculate performance tab for single stocks in realtime (instead of precalculating them nightly)
  • Add percentage of deductions to dividends table
  • Create CSV importer for Bitvavo
  • Rename GESAMT to MAX
  • Fix issue with Google Login
  • Fix wrong aligment of placeholder logos
  • Show infinity for performance only in relative mode
  • Fix Samsung Chart
  • Create logos for commodities
  • Create missing currency logos
  • Add alt tags to images
  • Add exchange logos
  • Fix logos on mobile view

Spatz Release 1.1.68 (29.062023)

  • Switch to a new news provider

Spatz Release 1.1.67 (24.06.2023)

  • Add logos to shares, indices and cryptos
  • Move all images to CDN
  • Add “Max”/”Gesamt” to KPI/charts
  • Extend selectable time periods
  • Add URL to companies and details page
  • Add logos to exchanges
  • Fix edge case in Flatex PDF import
  • Fix edge case in Scalable PDF import
  • Fix bug which shows to charts on some cases
  • Fix bug in google signup

Spatz Release 1.1.66 (13.06.2023)

  • Fix Bug: Sometimes the chart is not loaded
  • Keep prompt in searchbar on refocus
  • Add vertical scrolling capabilities to allocation popup
  • Fix edge case in PDF import for Onvista
  • Fix edge case in PDF import for 1822direkt
  • Fix edge case in PDF import for DeGiro
  • Fix edge case in PDF import for Flatex
  • KPI bar is not refreshing after moving a position to another portfolio

Spatz Release 1.1.65 (29.05.2023)

  • Full support of stock splits, reverse splits and ISIN changes automatic calculation for past transactions (and migration of existing positions)
  • Optimize PDF import for
    • Flatex
    • DeGiro
    • Onvista
    • Max Blue
    • Targobank
    • DKB
    • DAB
    • Morgenfund
    • Ing Diba
    • finanzen.net
  • Optimize CSV import foir
    • Comdirect
    • Consors
    • Haspa
    • Scalable
    • Swissquote
    • Traderepublic

Spatz Release 1.1.64 (24.03.2023)

  • Redesign totals bar
    • Add “Portfoliowert”
    • Add “Holistic Performance Index” (HPI)
    • Redesign info popups in totals bar
      Add $/% switches to header
  • Redesign “Realisiert” tab
  • Add dividends dashboard including bar chart and monthly income
  • Optimize chart periods (optimize date calculation and add more tie periods)
  • Add taxes/costs to mass book dividends dialog window
  • Calculate the owning qty for each share for the payout date (API)
  • Show only dividends for timeperiod the user owned the underlying share (API)
  • Import dialog: Show number of identified and not identified transactions
  • Push IOS/Android app into public beta
  • Fix bug: After deleting a transaction from bestand tab, it does not disappear from table
  • Fix bug: Sometimes r.bus is undefined
  • Fix bug: Refresh totals after booking dividends
  • Fix bug: PDF reader unable to import some traderepublic documents
  • Fix bug: PDF reader unable to import some flatex documents
  • Fix bug: PDF reader unable to import some smartbroker documents
  • Fix bug: Info icon has to be clicked multiple times
  • Fix bug: Unable to save dividends on dashboard

Spatz Release 1.1.63 (10.03.2023)

  • A lot of mobile optimizations
  • Create FAQ and add screen records of major actions like import portfolios, book dividends, etc.
  • Optimize skeleton loader for totals bar
  • Persist state of timeperiod selector
  • Hide qty, purchase price etc for watchlist items (shares with qty = 0)
  • Fix sync issue with new totals bar
  • Fix issues with signup message and confirmation link
  • Improve finanzen.net PDF reader
  • Wait until chart is loading to switch loading flag
  • Send null data to KPIs if chart fails
  • Translate paginator to german language
  • Buy/Sell column was cut in transactions tab
  • Inline-editing error messages did not disappear after 10 seconds
  • Import validation errormessage did not disappear after 10 seconds
  • Large numbers were cut in realized table
  • Align headlines in dividends table
  • Center text on import dialog
  • Create algorithm for IRR und TWROR
  • Fix font in “Aktuelle Kurse” widget
  • Fix padding between rightbar boxes on the details page
  • Do not show infinite skeleton loaders if a chart call fails
  • Hide “Not enough datapoints” while a chart is loading
  • Optimize allocation tab
  • Refactor refreshing of expired JWT to improve stability
  • Fix CSV column mapping
  • Show server messages in create-dividend dialog if validation fails

Spatz Release 1.1.62 (02.03.2023)

  • Redesign totals bar
  • Improve refreshing of expired Json Web Token (JWT), refactor authentication handling
  • Optimiza allocation pie charts, use different shades of violet, combine small pies to “Sonstiges”
  • Mobile optimization: Fix several issues in smaller viewports
  • Create a special case for firefox when cancelling API requests
  • Add totals to dividends tables
  • Add totals to realized tables
  • Fix handling of timezones when creating/updating transactions
  • Remove slide group prev div causing CLS
  • Better handling of missing quotes in portfolio charts
  • Better identification of chart draw downs
  • Fix handling of negative taxes in PDF importer
  • Enable three-step forex conversion
  • Add special usecase testings
  • Make realized totals depending on selected timeframe and add unit tests
  • Add realized costs / taxes (and sums) to the API response
  • Forex: Also cache negative responses
  • Add new broker logos to import dialog
  • Improve PDF/CSV importer for
    • DAB
    • Flatex
    • Bader Bank
    • Scalable
    • Swissquote
    • Smartbroker
    • Traderepublic

Spatz Release 1.1.61 (13.02.2023)

  • Change currency values to use ISO3 codes instead of symbol (except chart axis due to limited space)
  • Add social bookmarks to footer
  • Fix typo on landingpage (etwss)
  • Reduce size of similar shares on details pages
  • Fix success message after signup confirmation
  • Check request cancel, ignore irrelevant currency change
  • Context-aware text in currency-change dialog

Spatz Release 1.1.60 (12.02.2023)

  • Multicurrency support for portfolios (set the currency for each portfolio individually)
  • Multicurrency support for account (set the dashboard currency for the whole account)
  • Create documentation in blog how to handle currencies
  • Add “Investierte Fonds” box to details page
  • Show currency symbol instead of ISO3 code wherever currencies are displayed
  • Disable “Book dividends” button if no dividend is checked
  • Add apple touch icon
  • Improve online-editing activator canvas to cover full width
  • Reduce lazy loading of top images
  • Show performance tab in watchlist mode
  • Add missing broker logos do import dialog window
  • Fix link target of back-to-login-link after successful signup
  • Do not break words on details pages
  • Add jobs page to footer
  • SEO:
    • Improve price contrast
    • Add alt tags to landing page images
    • Avoid layout shifts (LCD) while loading on landing page
    • Fix dashboard page title
    • Optimize links to funds
  • Mobile optimization
    • Fix subtabs hardly accessable on small devices error
    • Fix dividends delete button missing
    • Fix paddings between boxes

Spatz Release 1.1.59 (07.02.2023)

  • Dividend mass booking: Send all bookings in one request instead of one by one, to increase performance and stability
  • Improve dividend handling on backend side, add unit-, integration and application tests to ensure stability
  • Increase price contrast for details pages
  • Add alt attributes to all landingpage images
  • Optimize image sizes on landing page
  • Keep aspect ratios
  • Avoid layout shifts
  • Improve inline editing for dividends, enlarge editable fields to cover full width
  • Add image preloading
  • Restore delete button for dividends
  • Adjust dividends table actions sizing
  • Fix singup back-to-login link
  • Fix dashboard page title
  • Adjusted links from fund positions to details pages
  • Fix subtabs not accessable on small devices
  • Fix padding between Stammdaten and Splits
  • Adjust dividend form validation
  • Remove dividend form duplicated auto focus
  • Fix store mutation
  • Create “Invested Funds” box an details page

Spatz Release 1.1.58 (02.02.2023)

  • Add/Fix canonicals
  • Add accesable names to buttons
  • Do not round qty/price values while importing
  • h1 should be rendered SSR
  • Replace double slash by one slash in URL
  • make [aria-*] attributes to match their roles
  • avoid line break in totals on small devices
  • add h1 tag to signup page
  • Improve foreground/background contrast
  • optimize page titles, page descriptions and h1 tag
  • optimize a lot of SEO stuff
  • avoid border cutting
  • share details page must use pageTitle from API response instead of generating it by themselves
  • Fix lazy loading for images not in viewport
  • Set explicit width/height for images on landingpage
  • Add “Aktiensplit melden” to feedback form
  • fix alignment of columns/values in import dialog

Spatz Release 1.1.57 (29.01.2023)

  • Switch to Nuxt.JS framework and enable Server-Side-Rendering (SSR) for share details pages to get the details pages into the google index
  • Fix race condition in duplication check when importing the same transactions twice
  • Improve crypto coin detection when importing CSV files
  • Disable Xetra PDS because they do not any data anymore

Spatz Release 1.1.56 (13.01.2023)

  • Connect London Stock Exchange (LSE/XLON) as data provider
  • Consider lunch time break in NIKKEI monitoring (11:30am-12:30am)
  • Consider delayed data in current-quotes-present-check command
  • Add monitoring for wrong index data (index quotes with currency != IDX)
  • Add API endpoint for generating XML sitemaps for all instruments

Spatz Release 1.1.55 (26.12.2022)

  • Add schema.org structured data to page source to provide more relevant information to google
  • Add twitter card tags to page source to improve sharing via twitter
  • Add open graph tags to page source to improve sharing via facebook
  • Add DNS prefetching for external resources to improve page load time
  • Add “Weitere Aktien” box to details page which shows similar shares to improve inner page link quality
  • Add titles to footer links

Spatz Release 1.1.54 (22.12.2022)

  • Improve exposed details page markup to solve google crawling result issues
  • Fix google pagespeed issue: Links must have discernible text
  • Fix google pagespeed issue: Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
  • Fix google pagespeed issue: Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio
  • Fix google pagespeed issue: Buttons do not have an accessible name
  • Fix google pagespeed issue: Add caching policy to local web fonts
  • e2e tests: Upoad virtual browser videos when tests fail to give developers a clue what went wrong
  • Add redirection for pages w/o trailing slash to avoid having duplicate content from a google perspective

Spatz Release 1.1.53 (21.12.2022)

  • Exposed share details pages to the public
  • Added tesla deails page to sitemap to test and check google crawling results
  • Use canonical tags for pages with and without trailing slash (SEO)
  • Landingpage: Put teaser text into h1 tags (SEO)
  • Landingpage: Add alt tag to images (SEO)
  • Add h1 tag and title to signup page (SEO)
  • Improve foreground/background contrast to make google page speed happy (SEO)
  • Call last-transactions asynchronously to improve page load performance
  • Stabilize e2e tests

Spatz Release 1.1.52 (19.12.2022)

  • Rename imprint & privacy to impressum and datenschutz, update sitemap and move these pages to wordpress for easier maintenance & seo
  • Optimize blog post titles and add google friendly keywords
  • Add all page URLs to spatz page footer
  • Enable gzip compression for all static assets
  • Optimize nginx reverse proxy parameter for better passthrough of wordpress pages and enable caching
  • Optimize SEO stuff in general
  • Load google fonts locally (and not from CDN)
  • Generate details page slugs as preparation for exposing details page to the public

Spatz Release 1.1.51 (16.12.2022)

  • Enable transparent proxying for blog and make blog available at https://gospatz.com/blog (instead of https://blog.gospatz.com) to keep google juice on the gospatz.com domain
  • Remove unused pages from wordpress (archive pages, category pages, page 2, author pages etc) which may confuse google
  • Add robots.txt file to gospatz.com
  • Add search console file to gospatz.com
  • Optimize sitemap.xml
  • Fix typo in meta description
  • Remove unnecessary sort statement from transactions endpoint (sorting is done on client side in data table) to improve page load performance
  • Optimize query-transactions call, reduce response time from 1,5s to 100ms, to improve page load performance
  • Right align currency values in dividends table
  • Refresh tab content when clicking on tab title
  • Landingpage: Set an explicit width and height on image elements to reduce layout shifts and improve CLS
  • Add caching policy for static assets (images, js, css, …) to improve page load performance

Spatz Release 1.1.50 (15.12.2022)

  • Integrated new data provider for dividends for german stocks and LSE stocks. Very high coverage now back to 1960
  • Support for dividends in different currencies (CAD, CHF, …)
  • Optimize dividends table on shares details page
  • Optimize bulk size when fetching dividends
  • Fix wrong filename for portfolio exports
  • Import dialog: Selected textContent instead of innerHTML to avoid copying HTML and CSS on inline editing fields
  • Found and fixed a bug where zeros are converted to negative zeros when selecting transaction type SELL
  • Found and fixed bug where brokerTransactionId was not being sent to the server
  • Remove not required expensive “/api/portfolio” calls to increase overall page performance

Spatz Release 1.1.49 (13.12.2022)

  • Import dialog: Make headline sticky
  • Switch to commercial US data provider license
  • Redraw chart after adding benchmark to avoid distortions
  • Fix for: Chart requests wrong currency from API
  • Add dividends to portfolio export
  • Optimize Spatz export
  • Add CSV import adapter for Spatz exports

Spatz Release 1.1.48 (12.12.2022)

  • Fix encoding issues with Hypo-Vereinsbank CSV files
  • Upgrade dividends API from V2 to V3
  • Add dividend monitoring
  • Optimize grown dividends data table for faster access
  • Fix bug in dividend rendering on share details page
  • Fix missing auth handler in password change and email change
  • Remove strange, flickering element when clicking on create-portfolio
  • Remove redirection from gospatz.comgospatz.com/sigin since the login page is part of the landingpage
  • Fix page title for landingpage
  • Import dialog: Show negative quantities in red
  • Import dialog: Allow change of transaction type (buy, sell, dividend)
  • Optimize e2e tests

Spatz Release 1.1.47 (11.12.2022)

  • Add CSV importer for ErsteBank Wien
  • Add CSV importer for Consors Transaction List
  • Add CSV importer for Divvy depots
  • Add CSV importer for BISON
  • Add CSV importer for Coinbase
  • Add CSV importer for Bitpanda
  • Add switch “prefereCrypto”

Spatz Release 1.1.46 (10.12.2022)

  • Add CSV importer for ExtraETF
  • Add CSV importer for MyDividends24
  • Separate transaction type from “transaction” into “buy”, “sell” and “dividend” while importing
  • Autodetect qty w/o modifiers

Spatz Release 1.1.45 (09.12.2022)

  • Optimized several CSV import adapters
    • Comdirect (transaction-list export)
    • BAWAK
    • JustTrade
    • VR Bank

Spatz Release 1.1.44 (08.12.2022)

  • Make CSV import more safe
  • Optimized several CSV import adapters

Spatz Release 1.1.43 (07.12.2022)

  • Import of all instruments from
    • London Stock Exchange (LSE)
    • Six Group Swiss (SMI)
  • Fix bug with currency handling in charts
  • Move MIC from positions to transactions
  • Fix some bugs in CSV imports
  • Show DELISTING status on details page for delisted instruments
  • Optimize wording

Spatz Release 1.1.42 (27.11.2022)

  • New feature: Portfolio export (CSV)
  • Further optimization of SQL queries to improve overall response time
  • Disable pagination on performance tab
  • Fix hover color issue on scroll arrow
  • Performance tab: Show dash on empty value
  • Elasticseach: Query quotes in 1000er chunks for large portfolios to avoid bucket-too-large errors
  • Make upload dialog cancelable
  • Performance tab is synchronized to current stocks/portfolios

Spatz Release 1.1.37 / 1.1.38 / 1.1.39 / 1.1.40 / 1.1.41 (21.11.2022)2022)

  • Improve several import interfaces (CSV, PDF, …)
  • Attaching stocks do indices
  • Manual revision of stock names for all constituents of S&P500, NASDAQ 100, DAX, TecDAX, MDAX, SDAX
  • Manual check/update historical data for all constituents of S&P500, NASDAQ 100, DAX, TecDAX, MDAX, SDAX
  • Add better validation for imported transactions
  • Replace default portfolios after signup by linked portfolios and replace all existing default portfolios by links (significant reduction of table size)
  • Persist only USD quotes from binance (significant reduction of index size)
  • HomebaseQuotes: Return USD for stable coins
  • Remove not needed call to portfolios API from homepage
  • Render dividends if any after import
  • Stabilize pipelines
  • Set max width for importer cell contents
  • Fixed import row error border + emptied field issue
  • Upload CSV/PDF files individually / one by one
  • Manual revision of stock names for all constituents of NASDAQ Composite, Russell 2000, WIG 20
  • Manual check/update historical data for all constituents of NASDAQ Composite, Russell 2000, WIG 20
  • Add monitoring for broken historic charts for all indices constituents
  • Archive portfolios feature, restrict deletion of positions with transactions, unarchive
  • Feedback-Channel
  • Fix bug in performance calculation
  • Do not show 0 in performance calculation
  • Do not report wrong filename in import dialog if one file fails under some circumstances
  • Add purchasePrice validation to import dialog
  • Columns in import dialog table should not break out
  • Do not show chart if there are too less datapoints
  • Show historic charts in homebase currency. If there are no datapoints in homebase currency fall back to USD or EUR
  • Fix wrong currency on y axis for fallback cases
  • Show dividends tab if there are dividends but no transactions
  • Remove unnecessary API calls
  • Remove leftover skeleton loaders for a none existing element
  • Optimize SQL queries to increase overall response time
  • Fix: Chart and total inconsistencies
  • Fix: Total and Einstiegswert are not the same
  • Fix: Chart and total inconsistencies
  • Fix: Total value empty for subscribed charts
  • Optimize handling of fetching instruments by ISIN (performance)
  • Optimize instrument repository
  • Optimize performance calculation
  • Add unique index to instrument identifier

  • Remove Chart Jumps
  • Deduplicate instruments
  • Call /portfolios/deleted only once
  • Restore Portfolio: Refresh missing
  • Refresh KPIs after transactions change
  • Refresh missing after mass delete transactions

Spatz Release 1.1.36 (15.10.2022)

  • Optimize importer:
    • Add additional dialog window and let user edit extracted transactions before adding them to the database
    • Resolve ISIN by symbol, WKN or name if ISIN is empty
    • Fix issues in PDF importer for Consors, Cortal Consors, Baader Bank, Scalable
    • Optimize CSV import for Portfolio Performance
  • Launch Spatz Blog
  • Fix bug in calculating performance values
  • New Share-Portfolio logic in UI and hide shared portfolio in search for none-publishers
  • Hide positions with existing transactions and total qty = 0 in Bestandsliste
  • Only show „Keine Dividenden gefunden“ when there are no dividends, not while loading
  • Add ISIN to transaction in database (not only to position)
  • Fix issue with crypto prices and currency conversoin
  • Fix issue when massbooking dividends (some dividends were not found)
  • Remove difference between totals (invested value/current value) and totals in table sum

Spatz Release 1.1.35 (14.09.2022)
– Provider Portfolio Performance import capabilities for localized csv files

Spatz Release 1.1.34 (12.09.2022)
– Fix jumps in long term charts

Spatz Release 1.1.33 (07.09.2022)

  • Support stock splits
  • Improve mobile usability of tabs
  • Restore logged-in/logged-out message
  • Scroll into positions in transactions view
  • Margin to slider btn to avoid bg being cut
  • Optimize PDF reader JustTrade

Spatz Release 1.1.32 (04.09.2022)

  • Massbooking of dividends
    • only show dividends you are eligible for (you owned the underlying at payout date)
    • calculate underlying quantities for payout date, not for current date
    • consider already booked quantities (f.e. you already booked dividends for 2 but owned 10 at payout date, the suggested qty is 8)

Spatz Release 1.1.31 (03.09.2022)

  • Group ISINS from different exchanges to one unfoldable position
  • Show deleted portfolios on dashboard portfolios tab
  • Undelete portfolio
  • Permanently delete portfolio
  • Replace PLUS button by stylish icon
  • Fix background shadow in portfolio tabs
  • Avoid having duplicate portfolio names when renaming a portfolio
  • Uptimized PDF readers for
    • Scalable
    • Bitavo
    • Comdirect
    • Commerzbank
    • Deutsche Bank
    • DKB
    • Flatex
    • ING Diba
    • Just Tradfe
    • Onvista

Spatz Release 1.1.30 (27.08.2022)

  • New landing page
  • Add totals selector and timeframes to totals
  • Add allocation pie for portfolios to dashboard
  • Improve CSV/PDF importer for
    • Trade Republic
    • Captrader
    • Coinbase
    • Onvista
    • Comdirect
  • Make PLUS button sticky
  • Fix typo “Passwort zurücksetzen”
  • For dashboard context: Rename „Bestand“ to „Portfolios“

Spatz Release 1.1.29 (17.08.2022)

  • New sub navigation layout
  • Minor layout changes
  • Move public/private switch to navigation bar
  • Add timeselector switch to totals
  • Fix saving-currency error
  • Add 8 new stocks
  • Portfolio overiew table broken on small devices
  • Details page: scroll navigation tabs to the left
  • Force reload on outdated client version

Spatz Release 1.1.28 (08.08.2022)

  • Performance View: Link portfolio names to corresponding tabs, link positions to shares details pages
  • Performance View: Do not show deleted positions
  • Improve runtime for performance precalculation by moving processes to rabbitmq consumer
  • Remove shared portfolios from add-share-to-portfolio dialog window (which caused a permission denied error in the past)
  • Fix bug in Drag&Drop import
  • Improve monitoring for crypto quotes
  • “Du wurdest ausgeloggt” messages did not appear anymore
  • Disable inactive crypto pairs
  • Allow currency change of new cryptos
  • Transactions tab throws error if instrumentType is null
  • Viewing of shared portfolios does not work if there are no own portfolios
  • Increase click sensitivity for logout button
  • Avoid background scrolling while in dialog windows
  • Controlbar hidden on 15 inches displays in dividends window: Now scrollable
  • Fixed swissquote CSV import
  • Fixed errors in some Consors PDF import files
  • Do not show subscribed portfolio in dashboard table
  • Error message not visible when adding more than 10 comparison graphs to chart
  • Dividends: Fix hover class for editable columns
  • Fix cut panel tab message
  • Show “Keine Portfolios vorhanden” message if there are no portfolios at all

Spatz Release 1.1.27 (05.08.2022)

  • Add new performance tab
  • Remove shared portfolios from add-share-to-portfolio (lead to permission error)
  • Inline editing: When moving the mouse away input field should still be underlined
  • Übersicht button is cut off in chrome
  • Show a 404 page if ISIN is not found on details page
  • ÜBERSICHT button not aligned
  • Portfolio Dashboard: Remove items with 0 values
  • Improved Consors PDF import

Spatz Release 1.1.26 (31.07.2022)

  • Connected binance as quote supplier for crypto currencies
  • Loaded all 505 binance crypto currencies to spatz
  • Fix monitoring commands

Spatz Release 1.1.25 (25.07.2022)

  • Keep user logged in until they explicitly logout
  • Fix inconsistency in caching firebase public keys
  • Add missing sort capabilities for subscribed portfolios
  • Share details page: Show 404 page if ISIN does not exist
  • Close burger menu after clicking on an item
  • Keep underline while inline editing
  • Show comparison graph in chart immediately
  • Fix padding in overview tab
  • Restore and optimize discord logo

Spatz Release 1.1.24 (21.07.2022)
– Fix ChangePassword feature

Spatz Release 1.1.23 (20.07.2022)

  • New feature: Mass book dividends
  • eMail change: re-authenticate user if last login is too long ago (requirement by firebase)

Spatz Release 1.1.22 (19.07.2022)
– Add re-authentication to change email address

Spatz Release 1.1.21 (18.07.2022)

  • Implement email change via firebase
  • Remove inline-editing hover for shared portfolios
  • Fix bug when JWT expires (refresh token if possible or redirect to login page)

Spatz Release 1.1.20 (15.07.2022)

  • Enable inline editing for dividends table
  • Remove leftover email attribute from account table
  • Completely removed Account API endpoint since it is no longer needed
  • Fix PDF reader issues with
    • Consors
    • ING-DiBa
    • Onvista
  • Fix CSV reader issues with
    • Swissquote
    • Traderepublic
    • DKB

Spatz Release 1.1.19 (13.07.2022)

  • Move user authentication/management to external user provider (google firebase)
  • Remove all personal data (name, firstname, email) from spatz database to external database (google firestore)
  • Implement password reset, password change with firebase
  • Create new dividend feature
    • PDF importer for brokers dividend PDFs
    • Show only self-created dividends
    • Add/Edit/Delete dividends
  • Fixed several minor layout flaws
  • Make delete transaction the default choice when removing portfolios
  • Avoid JWT error message on expired token
  • Implement CSV import or improve CSV import for
    • Trading 212
    • ING Diba
    • Portfolio Performance
    • Traderepublic Sparpläne
    • Aktienfreunde
    • Bison
    • Binance
    • Coinbase
    • Comdirect
    • Consors
    • Bitpanda
    • Baader Bank
    • Smartbroker
    • Onvista
  • Implement PDF import or improve PDF import for
    • ING Diba (wrong fees extraction)
    • Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank
    • Targo Bank
    • Erste Bank
  • Auto remove error messages after 10 seconds
  • Remove shared Portfolios from comparison graph (was not implemented and led to errors)

Spatz Release 1.1.18 (12.07.2022)
– Inline-Editing for Dividends

Spatz Release 1.1.17 (21.06.2022)

  • Switched from API key to Json Web Token (JWT)
  • Switch to new ChartAPI microservice
  • Added shares piechart
  • Optimized CSV import for: Scalable, JustTrade, EasyBank, Flatex, Consors, Swissquote, Onvista, Berliner Volksbank, Smartbroker, VRBank, ING Diba, Haspa, SBroker, BAWAK PSK, Kieler Volksbank
  • Optimized PDF import for: SmartBroker, Onvista, ING Diba, ErsteBank
  • Added new tradingplace gettex
  • Bottom line is not refreshed affter moving a position
  • Increased clickable area for select boxes
  • Removed scrollbars from create-portfolio windows for older browsers
  • Hide useless data on details page for currencies
  • Avoid having duplicate portfolio names on account level
  • Fix icon in watchlist mode
  • Fix viewport in data tables
  • Auto remove error messages after 10 seconds
  • Add BETA to dividends